Victoria Wagman

Enthusiastic develper that builds websites, rides motorcycles and drinks vegetable juice.



Vacation for health!

Lists travelling-packages where you can go hiking, do yoga, meet a therapist, enjoyg cooking lessons on topics of healthy food.

Can't seem to get started with workin out? Give yourself a good environment for a fresh start. Go away on workout-vacation.


All things juicing in Swedish. If you have any questions, or would like to know when freshly squeezed news come up on the website, you can follow @gronsaksjuice on twitter.

I list yoga-travelling-packages in swedish.


A project dear to me is Imagine finding new friends Swedish for meet new friends is träffa nya vänner and find new friends is hitta nya vänner. Make new friends using interests as common ground. No matter what age, gender or other background. It makes me happy that 400+ 592 1960+ 2500+(!!! :D) people have put up a profile!


I share with you my list of life hacks
(tools, books, software, perspectives and more, that have helped me live a more effective & efficient, relaxed & relevant, happy & healthy life.


What are your thougts on integrity?
How much do you really know?
Do you care?
Why should you care?

I believe the world can be a much better place and I try to help through coding & writing.
Have a look at the mixed collection of thoughts about, and links to, material and events on the topics integrity, injustices and society. Be inspired, or feel angry, and take action.


Some thoughts and findings on programming you'll find on the code page.

Ruby, Rails, Vim, the Terminal and other things I learn as I keep developing as a developer.
A popular post is how to get started with hosting your ruby on rails app on digitalocean.

Motorcycle riding

I write about riding, and taking care of, motorcycles from a beginner's perspective, on Going on a 2-3 months trip through Europe this summer.


I also write in swedish about juicing at grö

Juicing for 28 days!

I finished juicing for 28 days! I've blogged about it in swedish at grö

I feel great.


Gathered a list of organizers. Have to call them to see how they're doing and if perhaps I can helpt them reach out more efficiently through Hälsoreseguiden.

Two months on two wheels

Going on a 2-3 months motorcycle-trip in a few months!

You can follow along online through